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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is New England Crafters (Magical Gift Company) a Scam?

Many people worry if Magical Gift Company is a scam.

This is a real job.

You get paid for what you work. However, you don't get paid that much.
Once, you are approved as a crafter, you receive more materials.
Many approved workers struggle at this time because the products take too much time, even for just 10!
Some crafters can take 2 to 3 days to make 10, but some workers take up to a week.

It's very difficult. NEC is a real company to sell what you make, so they always need good products and workers.

Of course, you can make it! But you need to make all of them perfect otherwise, your products will be rejected and you won't get paid.

This company, NEC, is very legitimate, and has great customer service. If you need help or have questions, you can call New England Crafters or go to their forum. They have a great forum for the crafters who need help to get approved.

However, there are many complaints for this company.

Because, many people realize that they won't get paid as much as they want (If it takes 2 days to make 10 $1 projects, the pay is $5 a day), or they can't pass their inspections for a long time, etc.
It could be many reasons.

They never say to quit because you can't pass. Some crafters require doing the inspections over 7 or 8 times before they are approved and start to work. You also have to wait until your inspection comes back. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks. If your inspection was approved, you'll see your name on their "Newly Approved Assemblers" list.

For me, this job is not for everyone who is looking for a work at home opportunity.

Then, who is good for this company?
Just go to their website and check it out.
You realize that the workers are either retired people, moms who need to stay at home for babies, college students, etc.
They are all busy doing something else.
This job is good for those people, I think. The workers are all happy that they can have a work at home opportunity including myself.

If you think you have a lot of time and can make many as a full time worker, just take a minute and think it over.
You really can't work with this company full time.
The company is always busy, so sometimes, the shippment for the projects don`t come for over a month.
Some people call this company up and try to hurry them, but they are going as fast as they can.
So, you really can't decide how much you can make in a month, it's really up to when you receive the shipment.
I would say this is a part time job.

Don't make a decision yet!
Once you are approved, and make 10 pieces, you realize that this is way too much.
I think you may have read a couple of websites about those difficulties.
Yes, during the first 10 pieces, and the next one, at first, you might think this is a slave job. (Because you get paid $1 for a piece, and it might take even 3 hours to make one! )
But, as you make their products, it will become easier and faster, so if you just started, hang on for couple months!

I always think these difficulties are nothing when you consider using gas to go to a job.
You have no boss and you don`t have to travel.
It's good for people who need a little extra money.

Some of the crafters have main full time jobs and work as crafters part time.
You can be at home at night and make products while listening to your favorite music or something.

You can also post and ask a question to real workers on their forum. They are all nice and love to help each other!
You just need to be patient with them. Very patient!


  1. I tried this company.
    I found it to be a very bad experience.
    The instructions given to make the craft had instructions that were incorrect.
    The materials sent to make the craft were of cheap quality
    The critiques for approval were inconsistent
    The cost for mailing critiques for approval were about seven dollars each. You pay postage for mailing back and forth.
    They would not answer questions about critiques. This was long distance telephone calls.

    The kits are to expensive for the amount of supplies you receive. Most quit and never get their kit money returned.

    I felt just an all around bad experience with this company.
    Lost quite a sum of money.

    1. I know this was said in 2009, I must agree with you. I have been trying to be approved for 4 years now. I have to say some of the things I sent were not so good, but I did have 1 that I considered the best, I got one thing wrong, the skirt was not straight. I did not see any difference. So went along with it buying new projects until I got to the Donut Magnet. I sent it in 2 times the first was terrible the second was great..I know. I am not sure, about the staff. I always thought them to be nice. Unless they have different people, they are not. I asked if I could have more supplies (because they always wanted us to use theirs) they said you have to pay $20 more. They got mad because I didn't buy, I said I would use my own...well for anything, they had a bad attitude. Expecially one. If I don't get approved I am stopping with them

    2. I am still with New England Crafts. I still like the company, and while I know it is hard to get into it...I am almost there. I have spoken to a great lady Michelle who knows what she is talking about and is helping me with my project (Donut magnet) I now understand what I had done....so I am a crafter for life....Also, I can't find anyone who I believe is legit like this company....Thankyou

  2. I'm sorry to hear that.
    Some of those points are very valid.
    Sometimes, it's hard to reach the right person that knows what's going on and can provide feedback on your project. Also, the instructions can be difficult to understand and personally, I found my own style to complete the projects.

    About the mail cost, you can spend a lot of money if you are never approved for a project, but if you are approved, NEC does reimburse you the cost of postage.

    Maybe, after sending in four or five samples that are rejected, they let you choose if you want to continue sending samples of the same project, or they'll send you another project for free.

    You have as much time as you need to complete the projects, but the samples are definitely the hardest part. I had to change one of my project because I could not make the sample right for a long time.

    Good luck and thanks for posting the comment!

    1. I feel that it's probably a bit more tolerable for those who are everyday crafters & have a lot of their own crafting supplies & would most likely do those types of crafts on their own,without ever getting paid. Just because they love to craft & don't mind spending hours or even days making a craft project perfectly assembled & detailed. It's just fun & actually relaxing to some avid crafters.

  3. Thank you for wishing me luck.

    I am doing well and do appreciate you letting me share my experience.

    I just had one thing to fix to get approved. Supposedly. I had no idea if they were going to all of a sudden change up on me again. So I chose to quit and I lost a lot of money. Was really disappointed in what I felt was being cheated and lied to. Just did not deliver what they promised.

    Good luck to you all so.
    Nice blog. Thank you for helping all of us who would like to make money form home.

  4. I am having the hardest time making the polka dots on the background of the Scottie magnet. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  5. I'm sorry. I can't really help you about the details in my website, because it's against NEC's policy. I know that the NEC's help forum is currently under construction, so you can't get help from there right now. I suggest that you should call NEC about those questions. About two years ago, when the help forum wasn't so active, I called NEC and received great help. And then, when the forum comes back, you definitely should join! All of the crafters love to help each other :) I'm sure that you will get a lot of responses there!

    P.s. I had exactly the same problem before, but once I got the tips, it wasn't so difficult. I'm sure that you will be able to do it. Practice & be patient :] Good luck!!

    I also posted about my experience with NEC here. Please check this out whenever you have time! http://floridalifelilycat.blogspot.com/2009/08/my-opinion-regarding-magical-gift.html

  6. is this blog still open to discuss this?? i want to join but so undecided and I see this blog is from 2009.

  7. Yes, it's still open.

    I should have posted the up-date about NEC.

    Right now, I am trying a couple of online survey jobs.
    I will post about these soon, after I feel comfortable enough about them to tell others!

    I'm still a crafter for NEC, and I will be happy to answer your questions as one of the NEC crafters.

    A Couple of my posts were old, but I am still searching for legitimate work at home jobs, and I keep adding to the lists.

    I constantly check this blog to answer comments, so please feel free to leave a message!

  8. SLAVE LABOR , the payout is incorrect when they sell the product for five bucks apiece , then you are responsible to pay your own taxes on top of this


  10. I'm sorry to hear that, but I don't know if that's true. I like working for them, and I got the refund after I completed 250 pieces.
    But, I had to remind them that I completed 250 pieces for the refund.

    After I started working for NEC, I realized that it is necessary to keep a record of my completed work and shipping dates regularly.
    (It's easy to communicate with them when neccesary.)

    There are a lot of job opportunities that do not need money to start listed in this blog.
    I hope that you can find something you would enjoy!

    Good luck~!

  11. I recently ordered a kit from New England Crafters and I just recieved it in the mail today. I opted for the 1 week shipping and that was 5 days ago so kudos to them! =) What I was wondering is this...After the approval process which I believe I understand completely, they ship you more materials to start making the product and get paid correct? How many do they send you at once and how long does it usually take before you can make the full 250 pieces per shipment? That's what i'm really confused on and the person I spoke to on the phone was unable to give me much info on that. I've read around and have heard that they send you 10 or so at first and slowly work you up to 250...how slowly? and what are the interval amounts? 10 then 20, then 30 etc? Something like that? 10 then 50 if all 10 were good from the last shipment...so confused!!! Please help!!

  12. Hi, thank you for your comment!

    Yes, you're right. After each craft I make passes the inspection, NEC will send me the material to make more and they will send the check for whatever amount I completed. However, NEC is looking for great products, so if the products I made weren't good enough (for example: glue is showing, one part of the products came off, etc), they will send back the ones they want me to remake.

    In my case, I sent in 50 completed products. But, during the shipping, the package got damaged, and half of them got broke. So, I got paid for the undamaged ones, and I received the damaged ones to work again.
    The amount I receive is completely different each time. It depends on the demand of the products. I received about 10 at first, but after that, the shipment could be still 10, or 25, 50, etc. NEC can't guarantee how much you may receive. I think that's why the person on the phone couldn't give you clear answer.

    In order to receive a full refund, crafters need to make at least 250 pieces total. So, every completed product we made is counted already to receive a refund. ("Completed" means ones accepted by NEC.)

    I'm just one of the crafters, but I hope this answers your question a little bit.
    The first inspection is definitely difficult, but once you get used to making products, it gets better! Good luck!!

  13. NEC says that once trained, you will be able complete 8 to 10 items per hour. Has anyone been able to do that?

  14. Anonymous said...
    If you are planning to joying NEC please STOP. This is a SCAM!! I got totally rip off. They deceive people. The samples they provide are not totally manual. The samples they provide are machine made. For that reason you will never pass the test. I will present a claim to the Federal Commission for consumers protection. I want my money back

    1. Well, if I am approved I will believe. For 4 years I was so happy to be apart of their company even if I wasn't approved. Now, I am not so sure.

  15. well hello people anybody home???? these companies are making tons of money selling these kits..they are no good quality.. Stop making them richer.

  16. Sorry about that.
    I know that the first project I tried took me a long time, a really long time to make a qualified piece.

    In the beginning, I felt the same way. I thought that I will never pass the inspection.
    Trust me, I went thorough a lot of difficulties, too.

    Foe example, I sent in one project, but it came back because of something I did, even though it was fine before.

    Many, many, many times I almost quit.

    But, I continued to practice. After all of the really difficult inspections, I finally passed.

    I am approved on six projects now. Even though I've been making their crafts over three years, my projects sometimes come back when they're not good enough. (It happens. They are handmade, and we are humans!)

    But, I always get a satisfying answer whenever I contact the NEC staff.

    Like all other jobs, or job opportunities out there, it may be a perfect job for some, but not all.

    I don't know what happend to you with NEC, and I'm not trying to promote NEC. I wanted to share with you my opinion through this blog so that people will have some idea what this job opportunity is all about before they start. I try to be neutral whenever I write, but I'm in favor of NEC. I like making their crafts. So, I really appreciate your opinions.

    I feel very sorry for you, and wish you the best of luck.

    Feel free to check other job opportunities that I found in this blog. Personally, I also like online surveys! :)

  17. It's very disconcerning that the samples are machine made. On another website someone posted that they sent NEC's sample back to them as a "test" and that one FAILED as well.

    Some questions about online survey's. I've joined a ton of panels and I NEVER qualify for there surveys. How much money or free stuff do you actually make?

  18. About NEC:

    I don't know exactly why the sample failed, but when I asked NEC to increase my shipment amount, the person I spoke to said that they had bad experiences in the past, so they are very careful about the amount they sent out, and the inspection pieces.

    What happened was that a crafter sent the sample in as his/her trial piece, and it was approved. So, NEC sent out the material for 10 projects. He/she bought 10 completed pieces through NEC's website and sent them back to them. Of course, the products were fine. After that, he/she asked them to increase the amount to 50 or 100 (I don't know the exact amount.), and NEC sent the increased material amount. At this time, he/she actually made the pieces by him/herself to make money. All of the NEC staff were surprised with the new shipment. The products were too poor to sell.

    Like this, it's pretty risky for NEC to offer a work at home opportunity, too. Maybe, they are using this as a way to prevent fraud and scams by people who are trying to bypass the trial period.

    For the survey question:

    I get a couple of survey invitation emails every day. Sometimes, I get sick of taking surveys, so I don't even bother taking them. But, I make about $20-$40 per month through Opinion Outpost, and sometimes, I receive free products to try out and give my opinion after I try them.

    Last week I got a free gourmet pizza. It was only ok and vegeterian, but it was free! The free products are very rare. It's about once every two months for me. It's not that much, but the surveys are no longer than 50 minutes.

    Good luck!

    1. I do Mysurvey. They are the best survey site I have found so far. How many surveys you get will vary depending on your age and a few other things but I made $50 last month alone doing that. I get at least 5 surveys a day. In the beginning it's slow but I have stuck with them for about 2-3 years, so far it's been worth it!

  19. DON"T DO NEC! I bought 2 kits last August 2010 and after 10 tries on one, I am still not approved. After 8 tries on the other, I got approved for 10, sent those in, and then got another starter kit as they weren't good enough. The company does send back the samples on a timely basis, but you have to sign saying you agree/understand that they can change your project at any time. Several times they wanted me to change my project so I did with the harder one. I did this project and on the 3rd time, I sent in their own sample as I ran out of supplies and it was rejected too! I have to say I am college educated, scrapbook, sew, paint and I could not pass inspection with a year of trying. It became a joke in my family as I was still trying as I felt NEC was legitimate and they do follow through with what they say but it is IMPOSSIBLE to be approved. The crafts are terribly ugly with so many tedious steps it will drive you bonkers. STAY AWAY!

  20. I have read this entire blog. I really want to find something to do with my time as I am a stay at home Mom. But I do have to say that I'm willing to give anything a try, I'm just not sure if I want to lose money in the process. I'm going to check other blogs and forums and hopefully maybe I will give NEC a try.

  21. It is a legitimate job opportunity. They have their own forum. It might be a good idea to check it out. (I don’t use their forum, so I don’t know about it, though!) I didn’t want to lose money the first time, so I bought only one kit (FYI, they didn’t have this promo when I purchased the starter kit.). It’s really up to you, but the projects were very difficult to make right for me. I tried a lot. I know that they will give you a discount when you buy two kits at the same time, but I was happy that I purchased only one the first time. You should always be cautious and do your research before buying a starter/test kit!

  22. I was just recently approved for the kitty cat magnet after 8 tries. I have had no problems with NEC at all and they were very helpful with every question I had. Remember if you are having a problem to contact them. They are more than happy to give tips - at least in my experience. I am glad I came across this post. Too many people think work from home jobs will make them lots of easy money. It's refreshing to have someone give an honest view of what we do. I am excited to start with NEC and I am thinking of ordering some of their jewelry projects to make as well. I currently make 400 Disciples Crosses a week and that is very hard on my hands. Hopefully this will allow me to cut down on that amount eventually!

    1. How much do you get paid making the crosses? Is it through John Raymond?

    2. Thanks for the comment, Julie!
      I hope that you are doing great! Good luck!!

    3. I loved this company, but the projects are not as easy as they look. I have been with they for 4 years....waiting on 1 more and I will forget it...

  23. I would like to try NEC but I would like to know if you have to pay for each kit. The kits are very expensive, so that means you could be spending hundreds of dollars before you are approve. these kits are $50.00 plus S&H handling how could students afford this. I'm glad i saw this blog before i got into this. Thank you and good luck

    1. Yes, we have to pay for each kit to start. That’s why I don’t recommend others to order more than 1 kit. Even if there is the promotion deal (ex, buy 1, and get 1 more kit with a half price!), I still recommend you to buy only 1 kit.
      Thank you for your comment, Jacinta! Good luck to you, too!!

  24. I am very interested in a at home assembly work. Your product sounds like something I would be interested in making and doing. I am retired and have lots of extra time to make items and also could use the extra income. Thank you and I will bewaiting for a reply. Am anxious to get started. Thank you and God Bless. Dorothy Romeo Dorothygram3@aol.com

    1. Hello, Dorothy!
      Thank you for your comment! I am not the owner of the company. You need to check their website (Magical Gift Company) and decide if you still want to give it a try!
      Good luck!!

  25. how much money do they pay you for the what you make? it's one dollar a piece right?

    1. Hello,
      It’s depends on the products, some product is 1 each, and some pays 4 dollars. You can check it on their website. The normal projects are here. The jewelry projects are here.
      Good luck!

  26. Just go to there website some people are saying its a scam but I did my research on it and so did my husband. I called the lady and wanted to get started then but she wouldn't let me she told me to go the site and look it over before I said yes again. The some of the projects can be hard that why they have the letter beside all the stuff. A-Advanced, M-Moderate, B-Beginner the Jewelry is Advanced no matter what. Try out small and work your way up. If you are a natural DIY person then after a few tries it will be easy. The pay is low at first because you are trying to get the hang of it but when you start throwing them out faster and faster and correct and to their standards it pretty fun.

  27. If you finally get approved and become really good and fast at the most complex projects, what is the average pay per hour? $2 $5? $7 $10?

    1. It’s really hard to say… Last time, I sent in was a jewelry trial, which I thought it’s really fun. It is so cute!
      Unfortunately, I no longer work for them since I found other work at home job and became really busy, but after 3 years, I could make 150 sheep in 3 days, but some of the products requires glue or paint to be dried, sparkling spray need to be dried about 2 days, and so on. Hopefully, you get the idea that this is for really side income.
      I will write about other income stream as well. There are a lot of scams, but there are a lot of work at home opportunities as well :) Good luck!

    2. I am looking for a work at home job.Can you give me an advise about a job that really worth the try? :)
      Thank you!

  28. Hello I'm going to try this company I gotta buy my sample kit get it approved if I don't get it approved first time do I have to buy another kit or will they send them back for me to do over ? That's a lot of money to keep buying kits

  29. From their site:

    "Training Kit Includes:

    Unlimited Refill
    Inspection Kits
    No Further Investment
    Upon Approval, You are
    Shipped Supplies Directly
    from NEC at No Charge
    to You! We Pay Shipping
    Both Ways!"

    I think that means they keep sending you materials until you're approved...
    Here's something from one of their workers that I believe confirms what I said above:

    "Try a number of
    projects, and you will find they are there to assist
    each crafter to succeed. Try, try, and try again, I
    did, because when they offer unlimited refill inspection
    kits to obtain sample approval they really mean it!!"

    Hope that helps! =)
    (I am also considering working for them, but I'm not sure yet. It is a little upsetting to see that the workers making the crafts don't even get 1/2 of the profits (from what I've seen, it's more like 1/4 of the profits or less...
    Anyways, I hope it works out for you! Good luck!))

  30. I was able to reach the company the first time that I had called and haven't been able to reach them since.I was super excited to try my hand at something new because I am artsy but am completely discouraged_ even with the website that I can't even send an e-mail. Ifeellike its a scam and am scared to send my money.

  31. Keep trying they are very friendly, it takes a while to get someone on the phone. But I have talked to several of them over the phone. But right now may not be a good time because of the weather.

  32. hello .. I would like to stress on something .. my family owned A rather large jewelry manufacturing business for 40 years.and this is called piece work, we use to give out this type of work to family and friends but our pieces took about 20 seconds per and we paid back in the 80s about 15 cents per piece and we had to realize , they were making more money then our profit margine were.the large outfits like monet and Napier passed a law that we were no longer allowed to give homework out, it had to be done in a actual shop.then due to over seas in the 90s most these company's closed down.so back to nec , I find them legit as far as charging what they do , what would happen if they sent out all these materials and the person didn't like it and threw them away or never sent them back , these add up and can cost NEC tons of money.
    piece work is not for many people it is very time consuming can be boring for a 8 hour day , and on top of that hard on the hands , If you have cramps or arthritis this is not for you.they seem very legit to me , but I do have to agree that crafts can be time consuming to complete and you may end up , making the money you planned on , I was gonna order a kit , but after the research I done , the money is not there.other then that I think there on the up and up as far as charging for the kit. I find that many people and even governments jump the gun and red flag anything were there is a upfront cost for work , but not when it involves products!they are not free to NEC so they should not be free to us . then once you prove yourself to them , then the costs go away.but make sure piece work is something for you , goodluck

  33. correction , Not making the money you planned on

  34. Hi LilyCat

    I want to be a stay at home Mom, I just received the info on the NEC. That's how I found you, I wanting to try but still hesitant. What about the other jobs you are doing?
    You said you had to quit working for NEC because you became to busy? I've been looking for anything that would be worth while so I can be home with my kids.There are so many scams and so many things that want money for any advice at all. I need something real, I am willing to work hard to be home but I want something that is real. Thank YOU

    1. Hello Maggie,

      Yes, I am no longer working for NEC.
      So, I have no idea about recent things about NEC. I still keep the posts because, I was a real worker for them, and I think that my opinion may be useful for someone :)
      I just posted a new post.
      Please check it out.

      Good luck!

    2. If you don't mind me asking, why did you quit?

  35. I JUST PAY FOR KIT. BUT THE PHONE LISTED IN WEB IS NOT WORKING.. Can some comment or tell me about a real and serious company to work at home? united.savingstech@outlook.com Thanks

  36. Just received a check for $500.

    Sometimes people don't believe me when I tell them about how much you can earn by taking paid surveys online...

    So I took a video of myself getting paid over $500 for filling paid surveys.

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