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Monday, October 4, 2010

Disciple’s Cross

Have you ever heard about Disciple’s Cross?
I haven’t tried this company yet, so I can’t say if this company is good or bad.

Disciple’s Cross official site is here.

This company offers work at home crafting jobs. The product is a wired cross necklace.

The starter kit is $69.95. After the crafter passes the trial(s), he/she is required to purchase the materials from their company. And, the company buys back the finished products from the crafters. Of course, the finished products need to meet their quality standards.

I find pros and cons about this job opportunity. If you could give me some tips about this place, I would really appreciate it!!

*** Update ***
I’ve been trying to find out more about Disciple’s Cross, but I can’t find many good things about them. Most of the good comments were too old. It seems like they had a good business, but got kind of overwhelmed.

They state that they will reimburse the full cost of the starter kit after you make and they accept 400 crosses. That’s a good point because $69.95 is not cheap at all!
But, it’s too risky to try out now.

So, here is my opinion: (This is just my guess only!!!)
I think this company is not for me.
I can handle the difficulty of making crafts, but it make me worried about the reliability of communications with the people at the company. It’s fine that they can’t answer my question right away, but I want them to answer eventually (within 2 weeks or so).
There are a lot of unsolved complaints reported on BBB as well.

I know that the owner is a famous person: Pastor John Raymond, who joined the CBS show Survivor (Thailand). And, most of the people think that he has no reason to scam people. I don’t think that this company is a complete scam, but I still trust the BBB’s rating of Disciple’s Cross: F.

BBB Disciple’s Cross : http://www.bbb.org/new-orleans/business-reviews/work-at-home-companies/disciples-cross-in-slidell-la-18005385/


  1. Hello - I found your post while searching for other people who have had trouble with this company.

    I went to work making their crosses several years ago. For a while, everything was fine. They paid quickly and accepted most if not all of the crosses I sent in. Then it started taking longer and longer to get paid, until it was taking a few months at a time to get a check. Then they started returning most of what I sent in. Nothing had changed on my end, I was making the crosses the same as I always had.

    I have come across more and more stories like mine, from over the years. I've heard that their business got too big for them to handle, that they were busied in crosses people were sending in and did not have the money to pay for them.

    Another thing I can tell you is that they change their contract and terms whenever they feel like it. When I first joined it was okay to buy your supplies from wherever you wanted to. Now I notice they say you HAVE to buy all supplies from them or you will not be allowed to make them anymore.

    If all that wasn't enough, there are possible patent issues. To date, no one has been able to provide proof that the cross design is patented, like they keep saying it is. It seems to me that if it were patent protected, they would be happy to prove it.

    Sad to say I think the company has really gone downhill.

    My advice would be: Stay away from them.

  2. Hi, thank you for your post!

    I updated the posts about Disciple’s Cross a little bit.


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