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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Magical Gift Company (Crafting Work at Home)

I actually work for these people:
New England Crafters & Magical Gift Company
So, I know that this company is legitimate.
I like crafting, but the products they have are so difficult!!!

It took me to be 4 months to be approved for one product!!!Some people took more than 6 months!

Also, there is a starter fee...Yes, this made me worry at first.
Like other scams, I thought they'd take money and run away...

But, the starter fee ($49.95) is going to refund after you start working them and make 250 pieces.
And even though you bought this starter kit, you still need to buy some little things yourself; for example, glue gun, needle, thread, pens, etc. The only things you can buy that are pre-approved for reimbursement are paint and shipping costs.
(They clearly state this agreement in the policy.)
Some people might think Magical Gift Company is a scam because of this even though NEC strongly suggests that you read their policy.

The good thing is they never say quit because you haven't been approved.

It's an unlimited starter kit, also.
Some crafting companies require more fees after you use all the material!!!

The products are very cute, too!
And, the people who work for this company are very kind & helpful.
You can call them anytime and they will help you to improve your products and how to get approved.

They've also got 31 products!!
The products involve sewing, hand sewing, but also, they have non-sewing projects, too.

It is good for moms looking for a work at home job.


  1. Hi, i read your comment and im still seeing if i should work for the company but which projects do you recommend me as a beginner i know all these projects are difficult but there very cute.

  2. This looks like a very legitimate opportunity for people that enjoy crafting. I am forwarding this post to someone that I know who was thinking doing some assembly for extra income.

  3. Magical Love Bird was the easiest one for me.
    It took me 3 tries to pass.
    However, it's really up to you which projects would be good. Some say that the magnet projects are easy to start but I couldn't pass it at all.

    If you couldn't pass 5 times, NEC gives you a chance to chenge the project. You can decide if you still wanna continue the same one or change the project to something else with no extra charge.

  4. Yes New England Crafters are for real. It took me awhile to be approved, but they do pay you once you get approved. I didn't start this to make tons of money, just to have fun and get paid to craft at home. They do all the business part, buying supplies & selling the finished crafts. Glad I finally found a company that is legit.

  5. I ordered my start up kit from NEC 2 weeks ago,I'm still waiting for it.I live in Ct, I did read that NEC was slow to ship.

  6. this conpany is another type of scam they get your money and them you realized that this is a slave work, if you are really good you going to do about 3 to 4 dollar by hr so for me it is a scam
    be carefull people

  7. You have a good point. I don't say that NEC is good for everyone. If the person is looking for a job to make a living, this is not the job he/she should do. This job is suited for people who have extra time & want to make extra money. ***This is only my opinion. Some people might think differently.***

    Good luck in your search!

    1. Do you work for any other at home companies that you can share?

    2. arise virtual solutions. i've worked for them since nov. 2013. been working 5 days a week since i signed on withthem. i love the online company i service for.

  8. NEC is the perfect match for me. I stay at home anyway with my children so why not make some extra money in my spare time. I love it, I work at my own pace and enjoy all the projects i do. They are always helpful on the phone when I call and always pay on time.

    1. Dawn, how much can you earn per week? I'm in need of $200-$250 per week and am extremely mechanical and good at building things from small to large. Is this possible even if I spend 30 to 40 hrs per week?

  9. I have nothing but a good experience with this company and it's very far from being a scam. They just want a good quality piece that can be sold at art fairs, and in shops so yes they are picky about inspections but have every reason to be. Sometimes I looked at a piece I sent them and thought it was perfect but then when I got the piece back I sent in and looked at it I couldn't believe I ever thought it was perfect. I could see a million things wrong wiht it. Once you pass inspection though and start earning money it's all worth it in the end. I don't know about doing this as a full time job unless you are approved on many projects and still I don't think you can make a full time income on it. I have other jobs I work from home that I do with this on the side and I make a nice income from this. I have been with NEC for many many years and love it but crafting is not for everyone. It takes time, patience, and learning a technique but I'm proof it can be done and there are many others like me.

    1. Hi! I have been looking for work at home jobs for quite some time now. I was thrilled to read that you know of companies and work for a few, and am wondering if you will share what they are? I really would appreciate the help! My email is Kacie.Schneider@gmail.com of that is best. Thank you so much for your time and help!

  10. I love this company and being able to stay home with my kids and getting paid to do something I really like.

  11. I agree with you.
    Crafters don't make a lot of money, but we can have some extra.

    I also like that NEC always gives me an answer in response to my concerns & questions.
    If they are busy when I call, they always call me back.

    Here is one of my communications with NEC:

    One time, I was a bit concerned about the supply amount they shipped.
    They explained to me until I was satisfied, and offered me a full refund if I still wasn't satisfied.

    Clearly, they are not trying to scam people.

    I made 250 pieces a long time ago, and got a refund. (They do give you refunds as they promise.)
    So, I still work for NEC, and I'm very happy about it!

    I'm really glad that I found this company.

  12. Hi , I Fould your link in bing.com ,Nice Blogs You write I have Bookmarked itwork from home

  13. Do you still work for MGC? Any update on this company? Still good?

  14. How come Lilycat is the only one defending NEC? I think she is the owner the this company....

  15. Hello,I think I am going to try working for them for awhile,extra cash for the holidays,I did order previously from them a magnet project but I never followed thru.I will try a different one this time and see how it goes.They are BBB approved.,thats good news.

  16. ive been trying to oirder from them but it wont let me order please help

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